Web Framework 4 Java

A starter project with spring boot for AngularJS, AngularJs Material, Thymeleaf, RESTful API, MySQL, Redis and MongoDB.

Web Framework 4 .Net

The Web Framework is a project for building great Web sites and Web applications using C# fast and easily. Frontend is using AngularJS and Bootstarp.

Admin for React

A starter admin template with React, React Redux, Material UI and TypeScript that packages using Webpack and integrates a minimal project structure.

Dashboard for GitHub

A simple dashboard for GitHub. It is a starter project of React, TypeScript and Webpack.


Enhancement integrated useful components and based on bootstrap 4 for best UI.

Node.js Web Application

A starter project of NodeJS for TypeScript with Pug(Jade) and mongoDB. Integrated Jest testing. v0.1 for express with ejs.

Android Starter Project

A starter project for Android with useful UI components(like table, splash screen...), HTTP utils, Database utils and custom UI for using barcode scanner.

GitHub Gist

A tool to provide another way to manage your GitHub gists with builtin Markdown Editor.

Spring Cloud Starter

A starter project for spring cloud implemented Single Sign On service and OAuth service.

Hello World! I am Bendy.Net

Hi, my name is Bing Zhang, I always focus on Java, .Net, Frontend, Database, CI and Docker.

My Github

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JavaScript Unit Testing - Jest

Important issues for Jest  

Spring Things

Things to Know Getting Started With Spring...  

CSS Arrow

Code for arrows in CSS  

Use @semantic to release package to NPM and publish docs to gh-pages automatically

Describe how to release package to NPM and publish gh-pages according to your commits automatically.  

React Notes

Notes for starting React  


Over the years there’s been a steadily increasing ecosystem of JavaScript components to choose from. The sheer amount of choices is fantastic, but this also infamously presents a difficulty when components are mixed-and-matched. And it doesn’t take too long for budding developers to find out that not all components are built to play nicely together.  

I am code Porter, but I produce codes.

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